What can I do if I don’t agree with my adjuster?

Speak With Your Adjuster

If you have an insurance claim and you feel that an error was made, you have options.  Calling your adjuster and trying to correct the matter is the first step.  Typically oversights and errors can be corrected easily by speaking with your adjuster.  We can help facilitate your insurance claim if you are frustrated.

Your adjuster might need more information to address something.  You might be asked to fill out a form, send in a photo or get a competitive estimate.  Claims needs to have appropriate documentation and so your concern may be easily remedied by providing supplemental documentation.  Asking for a claim’s supervisor is also an option if the matter cannot be resolved easily.

Request a Re-Inspection

If you feel that you are better served by another adjuster, you can request a re-inspection by another adjuster.  This solution is different for each insurance carrier and is specific to each company’s internal policies.  Getting a re-inspection does not correct mistakes only in the homeowner’s favor – it corrects all mistakes.

Invoke the Appraisal Clause of Your Policy

If issues are more difficult to resolve there is also an Appraisal clause in your homeowner’s policy.  Appraisal must be agreed upon by you and your insurance provider.  If your insurance carrier does not agree to invoke the Appraisal clause of the policy, you may need to turn to the Department of Insurance for help.

File a Complaint with the Nebraska Department of Insurance

All claims adjusters and insurance companies are bound by Title 210 – Nebraska Department of Insurance Chapter 60 – Unfair Property and Casualty Settlement Practices Rule.  The Department of Insurance does not decide whether an insurance company should pay or how much they should pay – read their brochure.

The Department examines whether “bad faith” is involved.  You can read more about Chapter 60 here.

If you feel like making a Department of Insurance complaint is the route to go, you can contact them in several ways including making a complaint online, click here.

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