Castlebrook Lifetime

Atlas Castlebrook® Lifetime Shingles

130 mph wind resistance

Effective January 1, 2019, the Atlas Castlebrook® 35 and Castlebrook® branded shingles will now be covered by an Atlas Lifetime Limited Shingle Warranty. (SEE THE NEWS!)

A wide selection of earth tone colors – DOWNLOAD COLOR SHEET

We have large physical sample boards (1′ x 1′) in our office at 1909 E 4th St that you can borrow and set next to your siding and decide which color looks best. Sometimes it is difficult to choose a color off a photo on a website!

Click on any color for a larger view!

Castlebrook 35

Heatherblend was discontinued on August 27, 2019


D7158, Class H Wind Resistance
Passed at 150 mph
D6381, Uplift Resistance
D3018, Type 1
D3161, Class F, Tested at 110 mph
D3462, As Manufactured
E108, Class A Fire Resistance