Why are my shingles curling?

There are a couple main reasons why shingles can look “curled”

  • Aging and subsequent weathering anomalies
  • Poor ventilation exacerbating the aging process
  • Defects in the shingle materials or manufacturing process resulting in accelerated deterioration


Composition shingles, or asphalt shingles, are made of a reinforcement called the mat, a water-proofing binder (asphalt or modified bitumen) and a surface of granules (crushed stone of fines coated with ceramic).

Composition shingles (asphalt shingles) age as they bake in the sun, embrittling the asphalt.  The longer the exposure to the sun, the more brittle the shingles become over time.  Composition shingles range from 20 year to 50 year shingles, depending on the manufacturer rating by brand and style.

The natural process of weathering occurs as roofing materials break down over time. The rate of weathering depends upon sunlight, rainfall, wind, hail and climate exposure.  Properly manufactured shingles will weather, but shingles with deficiencies or defects will deteriorate prematurely.


Improper roof and attic ventilation may seem like unimportant issues, but they can actually lead to very expensive repairs and high utility bills.  Excessive moisture from poor ventilation can deteriorate your entire roofing system.

Ice dams are caused when the heat that escapes from a poorly insulated attic melts snow on the roof that refreezes at the edge of the roof before it drips off. The ice accumulates, pushes under the shingles and leads to major damage when the ice melts.

Sometimes it is as simple as adding more ventilation to prevent and stop further deterioration.


Inset, ‘cupping’ occurs when the top surface of the shingle shrinks relative to the bottom surface.

Shingle Curling Shingle Curling Shingle Curling

‘Clawing’ (downward curling) occurs when the bottom of the shingle shrinks relative to the top as the shingles age over a long period of time.  This condition is not caused by hail or wind damage.

shingle cupping shingle cupping shingle cupping

Anomalies in the factory manufacturing process can cause defects that will deteriorate shingles prematurely.

Which problem is it?

Your issue could be one of these problems or a combination of several issues.  Our experience in the industry allows us to determine the cause of causes of curling or cupping shingles.  A great simile is a mechanic who can listen to a noise and narrow down the problem drawing upon decades of mechanical experience.  Michael J Hunt, our owner, has 25 years of construction experience.  Amanda, our estimator, has a decade of experience as an insurance adjuster.  We can find the cause and the solution.

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