HAAG Certified Residential Roof Inspector

We have the only HAAG Certified Residential Roof Inspector, Amanda Schmidt (HCI Number: 992002002), working for a construction company in North Platte, NE.  A HAAG Certified Roof inspector has been trained and certified by the world’s leading forensic company, HAAG Engineering.  Most Insurance adjusters are great and they represent the insurance company – not the homeowner.  In the roofing and insurance industries, the phrase “HAAG Certified” carries a lot of weight.  It indicates that the HAAG inspector can effectively and efficiently inspect and assess damage.

Differences of opinion on the cause and extent of damage to a roof are common and a report by a HAAG Inspector has a deeper level of credibility  This credibility could serve as the extra authority you need if you ever find yourself at odds with someone else’s findings.  HAAG Engineer’s roofing expertise is second to none.  Nobody inspects roofing systems better than HAAG Certified Inspectors.  HAAG Certified Inspectors are bound by the highest standards in the roofing industry and will give you a fair and cost effective estimate.


What is HAAG Engineering?

HAAG Engineering performs forensic engineering throughout the world in the fields of civil, structural, architectural, electrical, and mechanical engineering.  HAAG Research & Testing is an IAS Accredited, state-of-the-art laboratory which specializes in material testing services, including de-saturation, hail impact testing, pressure chamber and wind simulator testing.  HAAG serves the legal industry, the insurance industry, corporations, manufacturers, private companies, and individuals.  Read more about HAAG here