Water & Fire Remediation

Hunts Construction Water Remediation

Hunt’s Construction understands when you are dealing with water damage, immediate action is crucial. We will dispatch a service technician to protect the property from further damage. Saturated construction materials and furnishing will need to be prepared for removal to begin the drying process.

If water has reached the room’s edges, then baseboards, drywall or paneling may contain water, thus trapping this moisture. We will need to remove the damaged material, then vent the wall’s cavity until dry before treating.

The exterior walls of the property will contain insulation in between the interior and exterior walls. This material acts as a sponge, absorbing high amounts of moisture and will need to be removed and replaced.

After the removal of all standing water and moisture soaked materials, a large industrial dehumidifier, air scrubbers and air movers will be placed to target the moisture that’s harder to access. These circulate high amounts of oxygen rich fresh air, accelerating the dry time and reducing the risk of any further loss.

Our team will measure and control air quality while making preparations to treat all freshly vented remnants thus reducing the risk of mold and mildew.  Mold doesn’t grow overnight.  Typically mold has been growing for months or years.  Although we can test and kill mold, you don’t have to panic that your water loss has already created mold – most likely it hasn’t.

We can now move forward in all repairs and cosmetic replacements bringing your property back to its pre-loss condition per your insurance coverage.

Situations vary from one loss to another. Correct documentation is necessary and will aid in any claims filed with your insurance company if our technician determines filing a claim is appropriate. We will work with your Insurance Adjuster’s scope of loss to ensure that you don’t unknowingly incur costs outside of your policy coverage.  Hunt’s Construction will file all necessary insurance paperwork to ensure that your recoverable depreciation is recovered accurately as allowed by your policy.



Fires can be one of the worst property disasters. The water and dry chemical from putting out the fire can be equally destructive as the fire itself. Moving forward can be daunting and insurance claims can easily be overwhelming. Hunt’s Construction will help facilitate your fire loss with your insurance company so the most difficult decisions will be in cosmetic replacements.

Fire damage can appear as a complete loss at first appearance. The potential for unforeseen damages that may not be exposed until demolition is highly likely. Hunt’s Construction can restore a fire loss that didn’t seem possible, while evaluating your individual situation.